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Handshake hacks & best practices

Improving outcomes for international students

Trusted by over 1,500 educational institutions, Handshake amplifies the global efforts of universities to engage international students, enhance their experiences, and improve employment outcomes.

Global employer network

Handshake's employer network encompasses industries across the board, including multinational corporations and innovative start-ups. With employers based in over 100 countries and opportunities in over 140, employers across the Handshake network are pro-actively engaging and recruiting students and recent graduates around the world.

With Handshake's global expansion, the diversity and number of employers in our network continue to grow. Enabling university partners to broaden their networks and enhance the opportunities available to international students and alumni.

Worldwide work authorisation (NEW)

Handshake enables employers to clearly define work authorisation requirements and visa sponsorship eligibility for each job posting. This feature will soon allow students to efficiently filter job opportunities in the UK at home and internationally.

Students can also indicate the countries where they are authorised to work in their profiles, and soon, careers services will be able to filter students based on this criteria to provide even more personalised support to international students

Curated and personalised

International student groups can be easily segmented in Handshake, enabling university partners to curate their experience with events, appointments, resources, journeys, videos and collections of employers and jobs specifically for international students .

Through targeted emails, universities can engage international students directly, spotlighting new resources and unique opportunities tailored to their needs.

Additionally, Handshake's personalised content and community feed ensures that international students continuously receive relevant content, catering to their interests 24/7, increasing engagement, satisfaction and employment outcomes.

Showcasing skills (NEW)

On Handshake, student profiles feature a dedicated Skills section, allowing students to highlight their unique skills to employers. This streamlines the hiring process by enabling employers to adopt skills-based hiring at scale.

In our commitment to fostering a globally connected community, we've introduced a new Languages section to student profiles. This addition allows students to share their language skills and proficiency levels on their profiles, whilst allowing employers to easily identify international candidates with the ideal language skills.

University partners benefit from access to these insights, enabling tailored translated communication and a deeper understanding of how students are presenting their skills to prospective employers.

Global alumni community

Students have the unique opportunity to interact with peers and alumni worldwide, forging valuable connections, discovering diverse career paths, and gaining insights from a global alumni community.

Our innovative First Destination tool empowers university partners to effortlessly collect employment data that can be used to showcase the achievements of international alumni and inform the development of new international initiatives.

Personalised employer profiles and job listings encourage students to connect with relevant alumni, while university partners can spotlight international alumni profiles in event descriptions.

Alumni employers are highlighted to university partners, strengthening their global alumni network and increasing opportunities for students.

Understanding international needs

Handshake's advanced Analytics tools empower university partners by offering insights into the preferences, experiences, skills, engagement, and employment outcomes of international students.

Analytics allows university partners to report on the range of job opportunities available, and will soon include work authorisation, sponsorship eligibility, language requirements. Facilitating data-informed decision-making and ensuring alignment with international student needs. This valuable data can also be seamlessly integrated with other university systems.

New network-wide data on work authorisations and sponsorship eligibility can also be used to influence employer practices, highlighting the value of international talent and expanding international student opportunities.

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