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Handshake hacks

3 steps to success for your first 3 days on Handshake

You signed up for Handshake — congratulations! To help you get started, we’ve outlined three steps to take during your first three days on Handshake.

Day 1: Fill out your profile and upload your CV

Starting strong means building a complete profile. Your profile is crucial—the more comprehensive your profile, the better tailored your Handshake experience will be. It also helps potential employers find you during their searches if you choose to make your profile profile visible to employers, which 98% of Handshake users do.

Firstly, indicate your job preferences, including the types of roles, preferred locations, and industries you’re interested in exploring. Uncertain about your exact path? No worries! You can update your career interests at anytime.

Next, add your work experience, course information, and skills to your profile, this helps employers find and contact you about relevant jobs and events.

A handy tip: You can effortlessly populate your profile using details from your uploaded CV and can showcase this CV on your profile to employers. This not only saves time but improves your visibility to recruiters.

Day 2: Download the Handshake app and engage with the community

Make your screen time matter. We know you’re pulled in a million different directions—so our goal is to help you turn screen time into a productive venture. The Handshake mobile app is an invaluable tool for discovering job opportunities and events whilst also providing access to insights and inspiration from students, recent grads, employers and industry experts.

By joining the Handshake community, you'll expand your professional network and gain insights that give you an edge in your job search. Make connections by messaging with interested recruiters, recent graduates who’ve gotten hired at the companies you’re eyeing, and other students and new grads on the same path .

The Handshake app is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. Simply search for "Handshake" in your app store, download, and log in to connect with our vibrant and growing community.

Day 3: Explore employers and jobs, saving and following the ones you like

Once you’ve filled out your profile, you’ll receive personalised recommendations based on this information. And as you add interests and update your profile, your recommendations will update as well—helping you find the right opportunities for you.

As you explore these recommendations, remember to save jobs that interest you and follow employers that catch your eye. Following employers not only keeps you informed about new postings and events from these employers but also signals your interest to them, potentially leading to direct contact or invitations to exclusive events.

By actively saving jobs and following companies, you also help Handshake better understand your career preferences, which enhances the relevance of your future job recommendations.

Don't forget to utilise your university's career services for additional support and resources. They can offer personalised advice and help you access further tools to boost your career prospects. Engage with them to enhance your journey on Handshake and beyond!

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.