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4 Tips For Getting A Job Online

Get a Job Online as a Student: 4 Tips From Recruiters Thanks to Handshake and other digital tools, employers are increasingly focused on recruiting students online. Recruiters are able to find the right student for their job or internship, no matter which university they attend. As a job seeker, this is great news for you. It means you can find your next job or internship without having to rely on multiple in-person meetings with recruiters. How can you use Handshake to find a job virtually? Here are four helpful tips from recruiters.

1. Fill out your Handshake profile

The most important step to landing a job or internship on Handshake is filling out your profile. Employers are searching for students on Handshake based on the information in their profiles, and messaging candidates with event invites or to encourage them to apply for new job opportunities.

That’s why completing your profile, and keeping it up to date, is essential. Beyond the basic information like your course and graduation date, make sure to fill out your job interests, work experience, skills, courses, and clubs and societies you’re involved with. The more information you provide, the easier it is for recruiters to find you!

2. Attend virtual events

Employers often host virtual events on Handshake to connect with students from across the UK. Attending these events is a unique way to meet employees at the companies you want to work for. Virtual events also give you an opportunity to learn more about a company before applying for a job.

Be sure to check Handshake for new events and sign up for behind-the-scenes tours, coffee chats, and Q&A sessions (, so you can get an inside look at your next potential employer.

3. Showcase your soft skills

Skills are an important part of your Handshake profile. The hard skills you’ve developed in the classroom, at work, or through extracurriculars—such as digital marketing or a programming language—help you stand out to employers looking for students like you. However, don’t forget to include soft skills like communication, problem solving, collaboration, and creativity.

According to a recent survey of hiring managers, 92 percent said that soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills when they’re hiring. When preparing for an interview, try to think of specific projects or experiences that you can talk about to illustrate how you’ve applied these skills in your life.

“We’re fighting the misconception that you need an engineering background to join a tech company. Sourcing tools on Handshake are crucial for us in connecting with the students who are going to get the most value out of our fellowship.” - Emily Vogel, Box

4. Reply to recruiters ASAP

Typically, recruiters send messages to invite students to networking events or encourage them to apply for new opportunities. Chatting with a recruiter on Handshake is a great way to create a personal connection with the companies you want to work for, and helps distinguish you from other job candidates.

So, when you get a message from a recruiter, make sure to reply as soon as you can. Download theHandshake app in the App Store or Google Play, so you can be notified when you get a message.

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