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It’s time for a change. Curious why so many institutions are switching to Handshake? Learn how we can empower your careers service team.

Why HEC Paris switched to Handshake

HEC Paris was seeking an engaging user experience with personalised content and job opportunities for their students, improved career outcomes, and targeted features for their employers, alongside advanced data and analytics capabilities for better tracking.

"With Handshake, our top 3 priorities are:

  • Personalised content for students:
  • Better employer management
  • Real-time data and reporting

Since day one of the project, the Handshake Europe team has shown a relentless commitment. The implementation of Handshake and subsequent launch went very smoothly.

As we say in French: Chapeau!"

Jean-Amiel Jourdan, Senior Executive Director, HEC Talents


By implementing Handshake, HEC Paris has achieved remarkable results, demonstrating the significant value of adopting new technologies to support their students and solidifying their position at the forefront of educational innovation.

  • 36k interactions with job opportunities on the platform since the launch of Handshake
  • 77% activation rate among all HEC Paris students on Handshake
  • 59% open rate of HEC Paris emails to their students

These universities have already switched from Jobteaser to Handshake

These schools have already switched from Jobteaser to Handshake

It's time for a change

Get in touch to find out more about how Handshake can empower your careers services team today and how Handshake compares to Jobteaser.

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About Handshake

Handshake is the careers management platform built to drive student engagement and empower careers services to achieve better outcomes for students.

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