3 Ways Other Students Can Help You

August 6, 2020

3 Ways Other Students on Handshake Can Help You

Other students on Handshake can be a great resource—to answer your questions and give you an inside look at internships, employers, interviews and more. Here are three ways to get advice from your peers on Handshake.

1. Explore student Q&As

If you have questions about searching and applying for jobs, you’re not alone. Students on Handshake crowd-source their questions in the Q&A library. In Q&A, you can explore previously asked questions, or submit your own. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Q&A tab and click Explore to see questions and answers from other students.
  • Filter by trending topics, or search for answers to your own specific questions.
  • Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Click My Questions to ask your own.

2. View employer and job reviews 

Want a glimpse into the day-to-day life of an intern? Or the inside scoop on the interview process?There are thousands of student reviews on Handshake that will help you learn more about the jobs and companies you’re interested in. 

You can find reviews on Employer Pages on Handshake. Search for a specific company to find the Reviews and Interviews tabs. If you think a review is helpful, you can like it to make it easier for other students to find. Plus, if you want to have a deeper discussion with a student who submitted a review, you can message them to get more information about their experience.

3. Send a message

Did you know that you can message students and alumni who’ve found jobs and internships through Handshake, and find out how they did it? When you view a job or employer page, you can see other students who have worked there and reach out to them with your questions. 

Or, you can find students with similar career interests on the Students page. You can filter by course, previous employers, university, and more. Then you can message them with your questions about their internship experience, modules they’d recommend, and other relevant topics.

Any student or alumni you see in Handshake with a “Message” button listed on their profile has indicated that they’re open to connecting.

Log into Handshake today to boost your job search with help from your peers !