Efficiently filter employers to review with Employer Tags

July 21, 2022

Handshake is launching Employer Tags to help our partners easily identify employers your team may want to review for moral, ethical or legal reasons – to save your team time while still maintaining your expert control over approvals. 

This summer, Handshake is launching updates to help your team process employer and job approvals more efficiently. Doing so gives you more time to promote unique, relevant opportunities to your students and lays the groundwork for our vision to increase access to more opportunities for your students.

Employer tags identify employers for review

Last autumn, we implemented decline reasons that your team selects when you reject an employer’s request to connect. Now, we’re launching filterable tags, powered by those decline reasons, that help you easily identify employers that your team might want to review for moral, ethical, or legal reasons. 

Example: Apply the cannabis tag filter to identify pending employers that work in that industry.

When an employer is declined for the first time, Handshake’s Trust & Safety Team will determine whether it’s appropriate to apply the corresponding tag. We’ll also tag employers if we detect keywords on their profile corresponding to these tags:

  • Cannabis
  • Alcohol or tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Gambling
  • Third party

Trust & Safety will not moderate if the Employer does not comply with local, national or legal guidelines and ideological / religious objection to industry tags. If an employer is declined for one of those reasons, they’ll automatically be tagged.

Further ways to streamline employer approvals

While tags are helpful on their own, they’re most powerful when used in tandem with employer auto-approval rules. If your team auto-approves employers based on trust score, you’ll be able to add exceptions for tagged employers. This means you can process employer approval requests more quickly while still have the control to safely monitor employers that require a more thorough review. 

Example: Approve all employers with a trust score over 80, except for those tagged as cannabis.

Set more proactive criteria to streamline job approval

In August, we’re also launching auto-approval rules so you can set more proactive criteria to process jobs requiring more of your attention. Use a set of filters—like job role, salary type, or employer label—to define the opportunities your team wants to review more closely and have more control over. 

Opportunities that meet any of your criteria will be set to pending while the rest are auto-approved so your team can save time on what really matters. 

  • Example: Approve all jobs unless they are unpaid or seasonal/temporary.

To learn more, read this support article and watch this webinar recording about our vision to increase access to opportunities with your expert guidance.