From On Campus to Online: Handshake’s Virtual Campus Recruiting Suite

October 20, 2020

This Autumn recruiting season presents opportunities and challenges unlike any before it. Handshake has always made it our mission to help great employers connect with the best possible candidates from the most diverse and promising pool of talent available—no matter where those candidates attend University, whether in person or virtually.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve added a whole suite of new Handshake features to empower employers in creating engaging, dynamic end-to-end virtual recruiting experiences that help your brand build meaningful relationships with top candidates and advance your conversations with them from “Hello” to “Hired.”

With Handshake Premium, employers now have a truly game-changing remote recruiting solution to proactively source, attract, engage, and nurture candidates by replicating the deep and meaningful engagement of in-person recruiting—no on-campus recruiting travel needed.

What’s New: Powerful End-to-End Virtual Recruiting

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new Handshake features that are now available to all employers on Handshake.

How students view upcoming Virtual Career Fairs and Virtual Information Sessions.
Bring the campus career fair to your desk

This Autumn, all employers can attend Virtual Career Fairs on Handshake and replicate the in-person experience for when you can’t be on campus. Find a virtual career fair, register to show up, and learn how to stand out.

Note: While Virtual Career Fairs on Handshake are free for employers to attend, universities may still opt to charge a registration fee.
See who’s interested in your company

Gain insight into which students are following your company by visiting the Your Candidates tab in Handshake. You’ll also begin receiving talent recommendations for each of your open jobs.

Along with these digitally-optimised Handshake Core features, take a look at some of the new Handshake Premium features we’re most excited about.

See your job recommendations, new followers, and more with Candidate Hub.
Never miss another top-notch candidate with Candidate Hub

Candidate Hub is Handshake’s proactive, always-on virtual recruiting CRM that empowers Handshake Premium employer partners to create engaged and always up-to-date talent pools.

With Candidate Hub, you get updated weekly candidate digests sent automatically to your inbox, or you can view refreshed recommendations directly in our easy-to-use dashboard. Your recommendations are automatically and proactively updated based on the qualified hiring criteria defined by your Segments.

Employers can now sort and select candidates who are actively looking for jobs but whom they may have missed with filters for recruiter activity to surface candidates that you have not yet viewed, messaged, or engaged.  And with additional filters that let you expedite urgent searches by prioritising strong candidates that already know your company and/or have engaged with you in the past, employers can enjoy the confidence of knowing they can quickly find qualified talent to fill any role—today, tomorrow, or down the road.

Enjoy greater transparency and more reliable forecasting for your talent pipeline with Candidate Hub.

Create meaningful experiences without the campus recruiting visits with Handshake Video and Virtual Information Sessions

With Handshake Video and Handshake Virtual Information Sessions, employers get the power to replicate the deep and meaningful engagement of in-person events—without ever traveling on campus.

Our native end-to-end virtual recruiting solution empowers Handshake Premium employers to meaningfully engage and nurture top talent through bespoke interactive group sessions and intimate virtual events directly within the Handshake platform.

Whether you’re looking to host large group sessions for up to 50 students at a time, or more intimate Virtual Information Sessions that allow you to invite small groups of your most highly-qualified candidates for one-on-one coffee chats with a more personal touch, Handshake Premium employers can now get sophisticated, interactive native video conferencing features that live inside Handshake.

Note: With the release of Handshake Video, employers can still choose whether they want to host their events through their preferred live-streaming platform or directly within the Handshake platform.

Handshake gives you a full 360-degree view of every candidate and event, including all the detailed, granular tracking and reporting metrics your recruiting team needs to further optimise your recruiting strategy and continue attracting more top candidates—both this Autumn season and into the future.

Create Segments of qualified students from underrepresented backgrounds and deliver engaging outreach at scale with personalised Campaigns.
Go from “new normal” to new hire with Campaigns, Ambassadors, Evaluations, and ATS Integrations

Once you’ve identified your top candidates, Handshake Premium now features a host of new optimisations and integrations to help you engage, nurture, and advance them along their journey.

With Handshake Premium, employers can nurture their talent pipeline with seamless follow-up for candidates who attend your virtual events or career fairs. Convert attendees into applicants with automatic follow-up Campaigns that drive the candidate lifecycle forward—including collecting CVs, requesting additional information, and prompting talent to apply to roles for which they are qualified.

When you want to flex your alumni network, Handshake Ambassadors can help you meaningfully and authentically connect priority candidates to relevant employees in the roles these candidates are considering. Invite your candidates to chat with Ambassadors in friendly, one-on-one virtual information sessions directly within the Handshake Platform for a recruiting experience that builds trust, transparency, and puts a winning human face on your company.

Track more of your lifecycle by qualifying top talent with Candidate Evaluations.

Starting this Autumn, you can also track end-to-end engagement by conducting Candidate Evaluations directly within Handshake. Using the same, consistent solution to help you source, evaluate, and hire allows you to standardise the candidate experience, minimise hiring bias, and reap the benefits of a more representative talent pipeline.

And when it’s time for your top talent to officially apply, Handshake Premium now features powerful ATS Integrations with Greenhouse, available now, and iCIMS and Workday, coming soon, that connect your applicant tracking data with the Handshake platform, eliminating data gaps and providing you with a single, clear, comprehensive view of every candidate’s journey into your organisation.

Make the Autumn Season Your Most Successful Yet with Handshake Premium
From “hello” to “hired,” analyse the engagement and performance of your efforts and report out on ROI.

The recruiting cycle doesn’t stop just because university campuses are closed. This new normal just means employers need modern virtual-optimised recruiting tools designed to help them succeed in today’s world.

That’s exactly what Handshake Premium helps leading employers do. This Autumn, stand out from the crowd with a truly game-changing, end-to-end remote campus recruiting solution that can deliver the deep, meaningful engagement of in-person events combined with the sophisticated tracking, analytics, and optimisation capabilities of the industry’s leading virtual recruiting platform.

This Autumn, don’t settle for “see you next year.” Succeed, grow, and thrive with Handshake Premium, the world’s most powerful virtual recruiting platform.

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