Handshake at the AGCAS Annual Conference 2022 - exploring the structures that enable equity for students and employers

June 8, 2022

We’re already excited about attending the annual AGCAS Annual Conference later this month. Taking place virtually from 21 - 23 June, the jam-packed event will feature the industry’s most innovative thinkers, discussing the most pressing priorities for educators today.

Over three days, speakers will consider how the careers service profession is evolving. They’ll ask how established priorities and approaches have been permanently changed by policy pressure and by lessons learnt during the pandemic. And, importantly, delegates and speakers alike will be invited to discuss the emerging practices which have the potential to permanently transform the experiences of students, graduates and employers.

Handshake’s Clare Adams; Head of Education Strategy, UK and Michael Harbaugh, Director, Global Education; will take to the stage on 23 June at 2.50pm to discuss the structures needed for employers and students to succeed.

The pair will pose the idea that the ‘go-to strategy’ to deliver more equitable employment outcomes for students and graduates is often to focus on the individual or small groups, as well as on raising confidence or aspirations. And, when individuals opt-out, it’s due to real or perceived barriers which can be surmounted with the right support.

Clare and Michael’s session will explore the idea that work with individuals and groups has a critical role to play in supporting individuals in tackling those real and perceived barriers. In order to truly level the playing field, networks and tools that allow easier visibility and exchange of information alongside easier ways for careers professionals, employers, students and alumni to connect and collaborate to identify and break down those real barriers are equally critical.

In this session, Clare and Michael will cover the networks and tools that we believe support the identification and removal of barriers for students and employers today, and in the future. The session will also discuss the importance of proactive recruitment tools in enabling employers to change the audience they reach, and expanding the population interested in their offering.

We’re looking forward to furthering the discussion on what great recruitment practices look like in our digital age, and we very much hope you’ll add your voice too. Join Clare and Michael at the session by registering here.