Introducing Handshake Open

September 9, 2020

It’s possible you know of Handshake primarily as a service used by University Career Centres to make their work more impactful. In May 2020, we were thrilled to launch Handshake Open, a network that can be accessed for free by any UK student wanting to think about their future career.

Handshake Open is connected to our work with Universities, but allows anyone to sign-up and use our key services: connect with employers, apply for internships or graduate jobs and leverage the collective knowledge of their peer group.

All that needs to happen to start taking advantage of this, is sign-up via our website with a email address. Instantly, users are able to create a personal profile for themselves, showcasing their skills, experience and letting employers know what they are looking for. This in turn allows employers to proactively contact students with opportunities, provided they are open to receiving communications of course.

So why should students sign-up? Handshake Open is the only dedicated space for UK students and graduates to connect with employers directly. There are plenty of job boards out there, but employers on Handshake are specifically looking for graduate and future graduate talent. Uniquely, students can network with company recruiters directly to learn more about roles and organisations. 

Even better, Handshake lets users share their experience with others around the country. It’s not just a platform, it’s a community where all are encouraged to ask questions, reach out to peers and learn and grow thanks to one another. Whether it is through Q&A or by leaving interview advice on employer pages, we believe everyone has something to bring to the table.

Questions about Handshake Open, or Handshake for Universities? Get in touch with us at