Mastercard's Pioneering Use of AI in Talent Acquisition

November 19, 2023

Mastercard's innovative approach in talent acquisition, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, marks a significant advancement in unbiased and skill-based candidate evaluation, setting a new standard in the recruitment landscape.

Revolutionising Recruitment with AI

At the heart of Mastercard's recruitment strategy is an AI-based game, a tool that assesses candidates' skills and capabilities, bypassing traditional methods prone to bias. This AI-driven approach not only promotes fairness and equity but also underscores Mastercard's leadership in technology-driven recruitment solutions.

Mastercard's AI game focuses on candidates' abilities to complete specific tasks, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation process. By advancing candidates based on skill proficiency, Mastercard fosters a diverse and competent workforce, free from demographic biases. The AI tool serves as a shield against unconscious biases in hiring. By concentrating on task performance, it offers each candidate an equal opportunity to showcase their skills, leading to more informed and equitable hiring decisions.

Enhancing Productivity and Experimentation with AI Tools

Mastercard's integration of AI extends beyond recruitment. The use of Microsoft Teams provides deep insights into employee activities, such as time allocation for messaging and meetings, optimising workforce management. Furthermore, an automatic scheduler for interviews has resulted in an 87% productivity increase, streamlining the recruitment process.

Mastercard is also exploring the use of ChatGPT for drafting job descriptions. While this innovative approach offers efficiency, it underscores the need for careful vetting to ensure the final content aligns with the company's standards and market expectations.

Mastercard's Commitment to Fair Hiring

Mastercard's early adoption of AI in recruitment exemplifies its commitment to innovation and fair hiring practices. The focus on skill evaluation over demographics sets standards for merit-based selection processes.

Mastercard's AI-powered candidate screening game, coupled with its use of AI in workforce management and job description creation, represents a transformative shift in talent acquisition. These efforts not only shape the future of the workforce but also demonstrate how technology can create equitable opportunities, setting a benchmark for the industry.

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