Realising generative AI’s transformative impact on early talent, openly and ethically

September 21, 2023

As artificial intelligence rapidly evolves, generative AI represents one of the most transformative emerging capabilities. Generative AI leverages large datasets to produce novel, human-like content including text, images, audio and video. Recent breakthroughs in generative models like DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT demonstrate this technology's immense potential across sectors. However, as adoption accelerates, ethical considerations and proactive governance are critical.

Our latest paper, Realising generative AI’s transformative impact on early talent, openly and ethically, explores generative AI's capabilities and applications, while articulating key beliefs about its potential impact, specifically for early talent.

We believe generative AI can expand access to basic personalised career information and advice at scale, augment human connections and networks, and enhance recruitment and hiring processes. However, responsible implementation requires focusing on integrating AI thoughtfully and upholding rigorous ethical principles.

At Handshake, our goal is to harness generative AI's promise through ethical innovation that empowers the 13 million+ students and young alumni, 1,400+ educational institutions, and 850K+ employers within our community. This paper shares our beliefs and principles guiding development as well as highlighting possible applications.

Our commitment is to transparently integrate generative AI to improve basic workflows, while maximising human insight and connections throughout a people-powered platform.

By illuminating this rapidly evolving technology through an early talent lens, this paper aims to explore emerging possibilities and define an ethical approach to steer generative AI's progress for the greater good. The rise of generative AI brings risks, but with responsible innovative leadership, it can empower students, careers professionals and employers to unlock new opportunities, and expand access for all.

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