The New Global Talent Economy - Handshake shares its views in Raconteur article

October 11, 2022

The team at Handshake is delighted to be featured as part of an extensive supplement in the Times’ Raconteur pages on the global talent economy, and how businesses can build sustainable talent pipelines for the long-term.

Alongside other industry experts, academics and thought- leaders, our General Manager for EMEA, Jonathan Lu, gave his thoughts on how businesses can overcome some of the major barriers to hiring the most talented and diverse graduates.

Combatting a hyper-competitive recruitment landscape

The overall tone of the Global Talent Economy supplement will have given business leaders reading it pause for thought. A recurring theme was skills shortages and struggles to recruit, with industry figures even suggesting that labour markets could continue to be ‘tight’ – with not enough candidates to go around – for a decade to come.

In this context, Jonathan argues that, with the competition for talent clearly being hotter than ever, getting graduate recruitment right confers a real competitive advantage, even more than it used to. Using technology like Handshake can vastly widen the pool of graduate talent available to businesses, meaning they are less bound by the limitations of geography – particularly as so much of our working life becomes possible to conduct remotely.

A tech-powered future

The message that technology will play a vital role in building the workforce of the future is a constant throughout this supplement. While Jonathan explores the benefits of a platform like Handshake in facilitating meaningful connections between employees, students and graduates, journalist Cath Everett looks at the power of collaborative technology in a remote work environment.

The key to a graduate recruitment strategy which works for students, educators and employers alike, says Jonathan, is ensuring equality of opportunity and access. Putting the building blocks in place to build a diverse and inclusive workforce will be essential in the months and years ahead. And, importantly, this isn’t just the right thing to do - it’s vital to business success, as companies with robust DE&I strategies benefit from diverse skills, increased innovation and the ability to more easily expand into new markets. 

Tell us what you think!

So, with a broad range of topics covered - from hybrid ‘location agnostic’ work, to finally closing a pervasive skills gap - this supplement is a must-read for anyone charged with building and sustaining a successful and productive team.

Read the full supplement and let us know what you think. What are the challenges and opportunities you’re facing today, and does the idea that the traditional graduate recruitment model is broken resonate with you?

The good news is that Handshake is here to help. Check out how Handshake can help you to build the right connections, with the right candidates - starting today.