We’re on the road again: Announcing a series of exclusive roundtables to imagine future Careers Services

November 22, 2021

What will Careers Services look like in 2032? How will students look for jobs and connect with employers? What sort of guidance and help might they need to succeed? With huge overhauls in graduate recruitment in the wake of the pandemic, and technology having the potential to help create better quality connections, it’s an exciting time to be considering this question.

Together with its partners: AGCAS, WonkHE and the ISE, Handshake is working on a new study to imagine what the market as a whole might look like in ten years. Launching in February 2022, this paper will take a close look at the role HE institutions, employers and students will play in the landscape, with Careers Services as the lynchpin of future success.

The first step in our joint endeavour is to gather expert insights at five exclusive roundtable events. We’re representing the voice of Careers Services, employers and students at events in Manchester, Bristol, London, Birmingham and Edinburgh in late November and early December.

These valuable discussions will form the qualitative part of the research paper, with key themes discussed under “Chatham House rules”, where contributions will be anonymised. The roundtables will be supplemented by quantitative research in the form of surveys among students, employers and HE career professionals.

We currently have spaces for HR Directors to attend the Employer roundtables based in Bristol (29th November) and Birmingham (6th December) events. If you’d like to attend one of these events, you can register at https://joinhandshake.co.uk/careers2032 Please note all other roundtables are exclusively by invitation only.

And, look out over the next weeks and months, there’s plenty to come as we look at the future of the industry.