What’s new at Handshake? Outlining recent developments and our roadmap for the months ahead

February 25, 2022

It will come as no surprise that at Handshake we’re continuing to innovate – working hard to meet the current and changing needs of our university, employer and student partners. And today, to keep everyone updated on what’s new, Handshake hosted an exclusive webinar to provide an overview of recent and upcoming product updates.

Clare Adams, Handshake’s Head of Education Strategy was joined by Jeanette Sha, Product Marketing Manager, Emily Johnsen, Relationship Manager, and Michael Harbaugh, Head of University Partnerships, to talk about everything new at Handshake.

Top of the list is employer collections and signal boosting, a set of tools  which will enable Careers Services to curate employers and their jobs into ‘collections’ and then boost this content amongst students, through visible collections, targeted emails, alerts and more. This tool promises to better connect students with appropriate companies and opportunities, boosting engagement and ultimately helping improve outcomes.

We’re also doubling down on safety and trust – and we've established a partnership with Sift, a valued third-party, to enhance our security processes. With Sift, we’re continuing to work on issues like multi factor authentication, access and tackling fraudulent posts and profiles in real time, helping us maintain our position at the forefront of security, and delivering the best service to our customers.

For employers, we’re continuing to work on helping businesses make proactive recruitment methods core to how they access early talent– helping them find and evaluate appropriate candidates. Student profiles will also be even more intelligently sorted and less fragmented, making selection even easier than ever.

Away from the product, Handshake announced our Professional Development Fund, investing in resources to help our partners expand and grow. Handshake partners can benefit from hundreds of FutureLearn courses in everything from project management, data and AI by signing up here – and we’ve also partnered up with AGCAS and Gradconsult to offer courses in the next weeks and months.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, stakeholder feedback continues to be vital in Handshake’s development. Recently, we launched an advisory board so that we can solicit feedback to continue improving  our appointments toolsThis will help us learn how our higher education partners want our help managing student interest and engagement, setting up virtual appointments and sharing resources (such as hyperlinks, attachments and comments). We’ve also benefited from a Journeys advisory board, which has spurred the ideas currently being considered, such as an ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard.

Some of our other updates included:

  • Blurry backgrounds are now here for Handshake video for appointments, info chats and fairs, helping people feel comfortable in virtual settings
  • More updates from the Handshake Academy – including a new analytics course coming soon, and the ability to receive shareable certification credentials
  • A UI redesign for our event hosting and search – and adding virtual as a medium to facilitate event creation
  • New tools to unlock alumni networks, building on the employer alumni hub we launched last year
  • Even more support for hybrid engagements
  • The ability for employers to embed virtual chat options on job postings

And of course, Handshake is working to ensure that all updates and functions are embedded natively in the Handshake app – available as a compelling mobile experience to drive more high quality engagement than ever.

Want to know more? We’d love to hear from you! Do email us at ukpartnerships@joinhandshake.com and you can also watch a recording of the webinar at https://youtu.be/4TQJxNqzRtM.